Terms and Conditions

1. Registration

Your registration is strictly personal and your signature means an agreement with the general terms and conditions. Registrations by e-mail and via the internet also mean an agreement with the general terms and conditions. Each participant is jointly and severally liable for all costs, including when it comes to a company registration. After registration, the reflection period of 14 days applies to you, within this period you can cancel the registration free of charge. This can be done by email or by post.

2. Confirmation of registration

Each participant will receive a confirmation of registration after registration.

3. Cancellation and merger by a Horeca Academy

The Horeca Academy reserves the right, if the number of registrations gives cause to do so, to merge training courses, to postpone them or to cancel them. Horeca Academy is entitled, if there is reason to do so, to refuse a participant without stating a reason.

4. Training money

The participant undertakes, jointly and severally, when registering to pay the entire training fee, regardless of whether or not, in whole or in part, the training days are followed. All costs incurred by Horeca Academy for collecting overdue payments are for the account of the participant.

5. Default

The absence of a participant during the training does not release the participant from the obligation to pay. Absence of the participant never gives the right to a full or partial refund of the training fee. Trainers / teachers are authorized to deny participants who are more than 50% absent access to the training. Denial of access never gives the right to a full or partial refund of the training fee.

6. Teaching materials

The participant receives the training material on the first training day. In the course of a training, additions can be issued. All material provided in the training is and remains the property of Horeca Academy. The participant is not allowed to make the material public in any way. See the 1912 Copyright Act for this.

7. Operation of the general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions come into effect when the participant registers for a training. The general terms and conditions end after full payment of the training fee and termination of the training program.

8. Early termination / cancellation by the participant

Cancellation must be made in writing. In case of cancellation up to three weeks before the start date of the training / education, administration costs are due. In case of cancellation within three weeks before the start of the training / education, the full amount is due.

9. Shift

If a participant cannot participate in a training day, it is (if schedules allow) to move the training day to another date and location. The costs for this are at the expense of the participant.

10. Liability

The participant is at all times responsible for his own behavior. When carrying out assignments, he must observe all precautions that apply within normal business operations. Horeca Academy and do not bear any responsibility for injury or any injury sustained during a training.

11. Denial of the Course

If a participant does not comply with the safety instructions of the trainer (s), the participant can be denied access to the training.

12. Other provisions

If the general terms and conditions do not provide for situations, the participant as well as the Horeca Academy will act in all fairness.

13. Exams

If an exam is linked to a training, the participant declares to have knowledge of the exam components and the conditions of the exam office. If a portfolio is part of an exam, the participant is responsible for the correct and complete submission of this portfolio. The examination office is the final assessor and no rights can be derived from statements made by the trainer (s). As long as the training costs and / or exam costs have not been paid, the participant will not receive the result of the exam.

14. Complaints

Complaints regarding our training and courses must be submitted in writing to the attention of the management. Which will handle the complaint. If, in your opinion, the complaint has not been handled as desired, you can apply to the court in The Hague.


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