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You can study to become a Professional European Chef (PEC) wherever you are in the world.

Do you love to cook and do you want to work in the international hospitality industry? As long as you are connected to the internet and have a place where you can practice cooking, you can start this Professional Chef Program. Here is your chance, join our online program and become a PEC.

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Is the PEC program right for you?

You love to cook, and you are happy to prepare dishes from your own country. In addition you would like to learn how to prepare dishes from the European cuisine. This will enable you to work at International Hotel chains, cruise ships and in international restaurants.

You want to decide for yourself when, how and where you follow your training as a chef. We have developed a special program where you are in control of your own chefs education. Discover our modular form of learning. And decide how far you want to take your education to become a Professional European Chef. This is a chefs education on an entry level, you do not need any prior chefs education or chefs experience.

This program is for:

• Anyone who wants a career in the professional European kitchen.
• Professional chefs who are not yet skilled in the European/French Kitchen.
• People who are planning to make a career change and want to learn about the European kitchen in the best possible way.
• People who want to follow their own path and want to explore before they fully commit to a whole program.
• People all around the world. It does not matter where you live. You can start online from home.

The six stages

The Professional European Chef program is build up in six stages. You can purchase every stage separately. Every stage leads to a certificate. All of the certificates combined are a Professional Chefs level 1 diploma. This diploma is recognized by the Hospitality industry for the European Culinary Arts.

On this website we provide a detailed explanation of all six stages. You can find the stages in our menu or just click on the links below.

1: E-learning
2. Cooking assignments
3. Professional Feedback
4. Culinary Webinars (free)
5. Chefs Traineeship
6. Practical cooking classes

Why should you choose this program?

The Horeca Academy is well known for its chefs education and the only one that offers a high quality chefs education in English.
You can start this program from the comfort of home. Learn at your own pace and choose when you go forward with the next stage. We offer professional and personal guidance. You can do stage one through five in your home country. For the practical course you are invited to study at one of our Horeca Academy locations in the Netherlands.

Certificates & diploma

To receive the official diploma Professional European Chef level 1, you will need to successfully complete all six stages.

You can start with stage one and work your way through the program. It is also possible to just follow one of the stages. For instance if you only want to follow the practical classes at our academy. You just apply to stage six. You will not receive the Professional European Chefs diploma but you will receive a certificate of attendance.

You can start with stage one through five at any moment. Stage six will take place on planned dates throughout the year at a Horeca Academy location.


Education: Professional Chef Level 1
(You can purchase all stages individually, but there is a package deal when you buy the whole program at once)

To find out what the costs are in your own country please click the link: Currency

Stage 1: € 195,00
Stage 2: € 195,00
Stage 3: € 195,00

Stage 1,2, 3 & 4 € 499,00
Package deal

Stage 4 Free of charge by package deal.
Buy as single stage €99,00

Stage 5: € 99,00
(validation costs & guidance)

Stage 6: € 1.649,00

Complete program € 2.149,- (+€75,- diploma fees, you pay when you receive your diploma)
(All stages 1-6)

Are you planning on purchasing all stages? Make sure you make use of our special package deals:
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Calendar Stage 6

Stage 6: Intensive practical cooking classes

Register yourself for our two week program.

This summer we have planned a new practical course! At this moment (June 2024) there are still a few places open in the summerschool!


22 July 2024
The Hague, Netherlands
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