Stage 4- Webinars

We think you deserve a little treat when you have finished the stages 1, 2 & 3. We offer you free culinary webinars about cooking.

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Stage 4

What can I expect?

In stage 4 we give you the opportunity to dive deeper into specific subjects by following a masterclass webinar. What edible plants and flowers can we find in the forest or the parc near your house? How to cut fish? Or what are the most common dishes in France and how to prepare them? These are some topics that you can expect in one of our webinars.

You will receive a link to our webinars when you have successfully finished the first three stages. Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry.  You are able to download the link of the webinar to rewatch it.


Our webinars are very personal and we always take the time to answer questions, repeat instructions or dive deeper into the background of different food subjects. You can always choose which webinar you want to follow or you can choose to buy the recorded ones if you were not able to attend.

Upcomming webinars

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Investment stage 4

This stage is free whenever you have finished the first three stages.

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Study time

Depending on the webinar, study time will be approximately one our.

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