Stage 2- Assignments

When you are done with the theoretical part of your studies, it is time to practice. In cooking you learn by doing. Time for the assignments. These 10 assignments are explained through clear instructions and all include a video that show you how to work.

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Stage 2

Why are the assignments an important part of this program?

Learning by doing is one of the most efficient learning methods there is. Especially a skill as cooking is best learned through practice. Therefor we have developed 10 assignments that are essential for this training. In stage three you have to summit your assignments. In return we will give you critical feedback and tips and tricks. If you wish to enter stage three and receive feedback, keep in mind that you record your work in progress during this stage.

How does it work?

In stage two you will find 10 clear videos. One of our Professional Chefs students Melissa will teach you how to prepare certain dishes. You watch the instruction video’s and then it is time to get to work yourself. You receive a document with further instructions about the assignment (grocery list and materials list). Do not forget to record your cooking skills if you want to receive feedback about your assignments in stage three! You do not have to record everything you do. The skills that you will have to show us at the end (in stage 3) are explained in our in stage three.

What will you learn?

In stage two you will learn the following techniques:

1. Cutting skills
2. Salad and vinaigrette
3. Stock, roux, soup
4. Eggs, poaching, boiling etc.
5. Various vegetable preparation (blanching, glazing)
6. Pommes Duchesse
7. Waldorf salad (technique!)
8. Bavarois
9. Parfait
10. Pastry

In the video below you will get a preview about what you will learn in stage two:


Investment stage 2

The total costs of this elearning module are €195,-. Purchase stage 2 now and start immediately with your education.

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Study time

It takes you approximately 20-30 hours to complete stage 2


You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of stage two.

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