Stage 6- Practical

The best part of your practice are the practical classes at our Horeca Academy. You will learn the most important skills from our most qualified chefs.

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Stage 6

Practical Cooking courses

After all that theory, you can finally get to work yourself. During our practical cooking classes you will learn from the best checfs and teachers from our network. We ensure that you are prepared for professional European cuisine in two weeks (5 days a week). You get to work with the most beautiful local seasonal products and can use the beautiful facilities that the Horeca Academy has to offer.

The Horeca Academy

Over the past 10 years, more than hundreds of chefs have been trained in these Dutch kitchens. The Horeca Academy is known as one of the best culinary institutes in the Netherlands. Training at the Horeca Academy means that you will be treated as an adult, there will be enough room for your own input and creativity. No question is a stupid question at the Horeca Academy. It is a joyfull place where learning is mostly fun!


Week 1: five days
Time 10:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Appetizers & Basic techniques
Bouillon, Soups, Menuleer, Dutch Cuisine
Explanation knives, materials
Pastry and deserts

Week 2: five days
Time 10:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs

Main course & Basic techniques
Fish, meat, vegetarian
Summer vegetables, seeds, seaweed and more
Pastry and deserts


These costs do not include the accomodations. Please wait before booking your hotel and tickets befor the definate conformation.

Investment stage 6

Stage 6 costs €1.649,- (+ €75,- diploma fees you pay when you receive your diploma) 
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Study time

The duration of this practical course is too weeks. 5 days a week, so 10 days in total.


Six certificates make one official diploma for the education Professional European Chef. You will receive your diploma at the end of stage six. Make sure you bring your certificates of the other five stages and also show us your signed skills book of your traineeship.

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Stage 6: Intensive practical cooking classes

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This summer we have planned a new practical course! At this moment (June 2024) there are still a few places open in the summerschool!


22 July 2024
The Hague, Netherlands
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