Stage 1- E-learning

Stage one contains a full and professional e-learning program. This digital learning program walks you through the theoretical part of the Professional European Chef program.

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What is e-learning?

E learning is a interactive digital alternative to books. Cooking requires the necessary theoretical knowledge. We have chosen to offer this through an interactive and digital learning environment. Practical people such as chefs are often visual and this elearning best suits the way of learning for visual and hands-on people.

Knowledge Monk digital programs

For this e-learning program we are working with the digital learning award winning company ‘Knowledge Monk’. ‘Knowledge Monk’ is well known for their interactive digital learning programs. Learning through interactive play. They make use of a variety of learning methods and use mostly videos and interactive games to guide you through the program. You can use your tablet, computer or your smartphone for this digital learning program.

How long will it take me to complete this module

Everybody learns at their own pace. Your account will remain active for one year, so take your time.

What will I learn?

When you want to work in the professional European kitchen, its important that you get to know the most important terms within the hospitality industry. After completing this online course, you will have gained basic knowledge to work in the professional kitchen. For example: you know the difference between stirring and folding and you know the role of a rotisseur.


  • Cooking-and basic skills
  • Cooking techniques
  • Product knowledge
  • Kitchen interior and equipment
  • Technical terms and professional attitude

Investment stage 1

The total costs of this elearning module are €195,-. Purchase stage 1 now and start immediately with your education.

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Package deal

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Study time

It takes you approximately 2- 8 hours to complete stage 1


When you have successfully completed this entire elearning program, you can download the first certificate of the full Professional European Chef program.

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