Stage 3- Feedback

Next to grades, you will need professional feedback to learn. You will be assigned to a personal mentor. This mentor is a qualified teacher of our Horeca Academy.

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Stage 3

Welcome to stage three!

At this point you have completed stage one and two of your Professional European Chefs course. At the Horeca Academy we believe you learn best by doing especially when it comes to cooking. It is time that you receive some professional feedback about your progress. Have you filmed the most important parts of your practice in stage 2?

We are ready to look at your development. In stage two we have already explained to you that you will have to show us your cooking skills through a video which you upload on YouTube or Vimeo. In this stage-3 our professional teachers will look at your film and will give you feedback as well as some tips and tricks.


What do you have to do in stage three?

Your assignment will be fully explained via email when you buy our course, but this is what you have to do in a nutshell:

You will have to make a short film. In this film you have to show a part of every assignment from stage two. Upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo. Your film can be maximum 15 minutes.

Film the following steps:

    • From assignment 1: Cutting techniques – Cutting en brunoise
    • From assignment 2: Prepare a mayonnaise – Prepare mayonnaise, show only the highlights
    • From assignment 3: Soup and sauce – Prepare a roux
    • From assignment 4: Egg preparations – Prepare and present an omelette, show only the highlights
    • From assignment 5: Blanching and glazing – Blanche and glaze some carrots
    • From assignment 6: Potatoes – Show the piping of the pommes duchesse
    • From assignment 7: Prepare a Waldorf salad – Present the end result of a Walldorf salad
    • From assignment 8: Preparing a fruit bavarois – Show the whipping of the cream, at the end hold the bowl upside down to show the thickness
    • From assignment 9: Preparing a lemon parfait – Show that you temperature the pâté a bombe
    • From assignment 10: Preparing a brownie – Show The colouring of the hazelnuts and present the brownie.

We are excited to see what you have learned so far and will give you the best tips and tricks possible.

About the recording

We know that you might not be a professional film maker. Don’t worry. When you apply for this stage, you will receive some links for free and easy editing programs. We will also explain clearly how to make a Vimeo or Youtube account and how to upload your film.
Make sure that all of the actions that you have to show are clearly visible. You do not have to record sound, you can ad comments or extra information in your submission form.

Investment stage 3

The total costs of this elearning module are €195,-. Purchase stage 3 now and start immediately with your education.

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Study time

It takes you approximately 6- 8 hours to complete stage 3


After you have received the personal feedback and tips, you will receive a certificate of completion for stage three.

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