Stage 5- Traineeship

The traineeship is an important part of your course to become a professional chef. You will have to find a restaurant where you can work as a student chef. You can choose whichever European kitchen you want.

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Stage 5

What is a traineeship

A traineeship is a (mostly) unpaid job where the main goal is to learn. You are there to gain practical experience. For a chef, the traineeship is one of the most important parts of the learning process. As a cook you learn mainly by doing it yourself. That is why it is an important part of the Professional European Chef training.

How does stage 5 work?

We will explain stage 5 in a few easy steps:

  • Find a International (Western) kitchen where you can work as an intern or student chef in the kitchen.
  • Apply yourself through our webshop.
  • Download our task book with checklist in the webshop.
  • This traineeship must be at least 320 hours. You can fill in the time frame yourself. It is your time, your traineeship and your education
  • When you have all of the assignments in your tasks book checked and done you have finished your apprenticeship successfully and receive a certificate.
  • You are ready to apply for the final stage, stage 6. The practical cooking course.

Task book

When you apply for this stage, you will receive an email with practical tips, advice and our official task book.
Use the task book to guide you through your traineeship. Together with the help of your chef you will complete the task book. The minimum amount of hours for your traineeship is 320 hours.


Make sure you have the right guidance and that you are able to learn a lot. So think carefully about which restaurant you want to do the internship at. Find a restaurant that you really like.

Investment stage 5

The total costs of this elearning module are €99,-. Purchase stage 5 now and start immediately with your education.

To find out what the costs are in your own country please click the link: Currency

Package deal

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You will receive a certificate when you have completed this internship. Make sure your task book is fully signed off by your teacher at the job. We ask for your task book when you want to get the offical recognized diploma. So keep it safe it is an important document for your final diploma.

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