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Horeca Academy Culinary arts.


Horeca is an abbreviation that stands for hotel (Ho) restaurant (Re) cafe (Ca). The Horeca Academy was founded by the Dutch Horeca Academie. We offer education and training for and by hospitality and culinary professionals.

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Horeca Academy

In 2018, the Dutch Horeca Academy was the first in the Netherlands to introduce a chef’s training in English. This training is especially for people living in the Netherlands who do not yet have a good enough command of the Dutch language. In this way, everyone can receive good education and master European cooking techniques.

Our values

Small Scale
Important values ​​of the Horeca Academy are small-scale, practical learning, learning is for everyone. The Horeca Academy is a small-scale educational institution. A group consists of a maximum of 15 participants. This means that you will receive a lot of personal attention during the lessons. There is also room for extra guidance.


The courses at the Horeca Academy are very practical. You go to school one day a week and the rest of the time you work in a training company. During the lessons at the Horeca Academy you are also practically involved. For example, in the chef training you will cook and in management training you write a business plan.


Own pace

At the Horeca Academy you can learn at your own pace. The courses last one year. For example, if you need a little more time for your training, this is possible. You can also start or take an exam with us all year round.


Interactive learning
At the Horeca Academy you don’t learn from books. You will be offered the theory through an online learning environment. In this way you get to know the material in an interactive way. You can do this at a time that suits you. You can log in to the online learning environment anytime, anywhere.


The teachers of the Horeca Academy are professionals from the field. Each teacher has their own passion or specialization. We deploy teachers in the right place so that they can get the most out of their profession.


Incompany education
The Horeca Academy offers education and training for individuals and companies. Are you a starter in the hospitality industry or professional, our education and training are at different levels or even tailor-made. Register as an individual at any time or request a quote for an in-company training.


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